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Pixelate everything back!

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Exploration, creativity and arcade gameplay await you in Pix ’em Up! Ready?

Pixel galaxy has been transformed by realistic enemies. Use your power to pixelate everything and reconquer your galaxy! Explore all kind of planets fighting foes and collecting pixels. Use them to design and enhance your spaceship in the pixel-art editor!


Pixelate everything, even enemies!

Pixelate enemies in Pix 'em Up!

Collect tons of pixels of many colors!

Get pixels

Use pixels to design new spaceships, parts, weapons and more!

Pixel art spaceship editor



  • Tribute to classic shoot ’em ups / shmups. Feel the arcade gameplay with new mechanics!
  • Retro and new: Experiment the contrast between old-school pixel and modern graphics.
  • Explore the outer space discovering planets, levels and secrets!
  • Pixelate everything, including enemies and objects from the scenario, and collect the pixels!
  • Use pixels in the pixel-art spaceship editor: Design new spaceships, parts, weapons and more!
  • Local cooperative multiplayer: Join forces with your friends to fight alongside you!

  Pix 'em Up screenshot

Pix 'em Up screenshot

Estimated development status: Development paused

Pix ’em Up is in development. Release date and target platforms to be determined.

Pix ’em App


Bring your spaceship with you all the day with this companion app in your smartphone and tablet! With Pix ’em App you can transfer your spaceship from the game to the app. Play mini games in the spare time or while commuting to get pixels. Create new spaceship designs with the touch screen. Transfer pixels and designs back to the game!

The companion app Pix ’em App will be released on iOS, Android and Windows Phone at the same time as the game.

Pix 'em App


And there’s more!


Here’s a sneak peek of the Pix ’em Up art book!

Sample page of the art book

Art book sample page of Pix 'em Up


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