Tappy Tiki

Tappy Tiki - Endless Tower Climber Arcade: Now on the App Store and Google Play

Escape from the lava in Tappy Tiki, the Endless Tower Climber Arcade!

Tappy Tiki gameplay animated GIF

Toucan Jungle is threaten by a volcanic catastrophe… And you are just in the middle! Climb the Great Totem and avoid all kind of obstacles before the lava turns you into ashes!


Tappy Tiki is not the common horizontal endless runner, so prepare your reflexes: Tap quickly to climb higher, swipe to jump and avoid all kind of obstacles, deactivate the traps before they pulverize Tikiman! Try to collect all the gems in the way and compete in the Height and Gems leaderboards!

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Download now Tappy Tiki and prove your skill! Will you reach to the top?

Tappy Tiki lava
Tappy Tiki lava
Tappy Tiki lava